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Curt's Carpet & Design Center offers a variety of countertop solutions to meet the needs of almost any situation. Granite, Tile, Laminate and other man-made surfaces can all be used as countertop materials. Please browse the selection below for some of the products we offer to fit this need.
  • Man-made Solid Surface
    • Silestone is a man-made material made mostly of quartz. Silestone is easy to clean and maintain and includes special features such as Microban anti-microbial technolgy to kill bacteria and mold. Multiple colors and textures are available and several color samples are available in our showroom.
    • Cambria solid surface countertops are made in America and are Greenguard certified. A variety of colors and grain sizes are available from coarse sand to large 1/2" iridescent chips, all polished to a smooth luxurious countertop. A large selection of samples are available in our showroom.
    • Viatera by LG Hausys solid surface countertops are made primarily of quartz, a dense natural stone. Made to withstand everyday life and even commercial applications, it's non-porous constuction can give you a durable countertop without the need for repeated application of sealers or waxes. A large selection of samples are available in our showroom.
    • HI-MACS by LG Hausys solid surface countertops can be heated and bent to fit unique 3D shapes for your specific need. Due to it's unique, sealant free, non-porous constuction, should the surface become scratched, a certified professional can repair the damage. Integrated sinks made of the same material are available for solutions that are seamless to the touch. A large selection of samples are available in our showroom.
    • Dovať solid surface countertops offer an affordable alternative to quartz based man-made materials. Made of an acrylic blend, Dovať is non-porous and easy to clean and easily adapted to use in your kitchen, bath or other areas. Samples of the entire product line are available in our showroom.
  • Natural Solid Surface
    • Granite
      Granite countertops are made of natural granite mined from quarries located all over the world. Formed by cooling action on magma deep beneath the earth's surface, most granite has a great deal of quartz in it but also other minerals. While samples are available in our showroom, due to the nature of natural materials, every slab is different and may not match exactly the samples on-hand. It is important to keep this detail in mind when selecting a stone countertop, some species are more uniform than others, and rarity of the stone or its inclusions can increase the cost associated with it. With all that said however, granite tops keep their value much better than man-made top materials and with care can last more than a lifetime.
    • Hardwood Butcherblock
      Hardwood Butcherblocks are available in a wide variety of woods, colors and patterns. All our butcherblocks are custom made to fit your specific installation and are engineered to perform as both countertop and cutting surface. Come see us today for more information about this classic countertop surface.
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