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  Curt's Carpet & Design Center not only offers the finest in home remodeling products, we also offer installation services on everything we sell.

When you've decided the time is right for new flooring, window covering, perhaps a new tile shower or even paint, our installation professionals are here to meet your needs. No job is too big or too small for us. We can remove old flooring, repair subfloor, install new flooring, paint your house, your mom's house, your dog's house! We can install tile on your floor, on the wall, in your garage or even on your back porch.

  There is the possibility your flooring doesn't really need replacing, we offer services that can help. We can regrout your old tile. If you have chipped, cracked or missing tiles and happen to have a few extra left from when it was installed, we can replace the old tiles for you. Have a rip, wrinkle or tear in your carpet? Many rips and tears can be repaired by our professionals, and we can restretch most types of carpet to remove wrinkles. Has your Hardwood floor become dull or even stained? We can refinish hardwood floors bringing back their natural beauty.

These refresher services can breathe new life into otherwise worn or lightly mistreated flooring, extending their useful life beyond what might have been expected. If you would like an estimate for any of these services, please call us, email us or visit us in person for more info.

Curtís Carpet & Design Center, LLC
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